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Philip James Property Management provides a first class service to landlords and tenants and we are always looking at ways to improve. We are here to ensure your life as a landlord or tenant is made simpler and stress free. We manage around £400million worth of property and work hard to ensure these are well maintained by both landlords and tenants. If we find this not to be the case,  then we act quickly and take the necessary action. Our experienced property management team and dedicated staff are always happy to assist and advise you on all of your management needs. 




Our maintenance team, along with our approved contractor panel, will fully manage your maintenance and repair needs. You will be contacted with all updates, provided quotations and any invoices/receipts for your records. If it is just advice you require along the way, or even just a little peace of mind, we are always here to help. Your tenants will also benefit from our 24/7 emergency number, where a member of staff will be available for advice and assistance in times of need.

With a wealth of experience and professional qualifications, our maintenance department ensures your property and tenant(s) are in safe hands throughout the entirety of your agreement with us. Our main aim is to make sure your property is kept to its highest standard, ensuring your tenants enjoy your property and stay as long as possible.

Our team understands the importance of time management, quality of work and competitive pricing and monitor contractors closely to ensure they meet our high standards.

You can tailor our maintenance service to your needs, so please don’t hesitate to ask us for further information on how we can help manage your property.



Our tenancy renewals staff work closely with our letting and valuation team to ensure properties achieve their maximum possible yield. They work hard to keep our managed properties tenanted and to avoid any long void periods between tenancies. We ask our tenants to advise us if they intend to renew their tenancy no later than six weeks prior to the end of the current tenancy. This means we get plenty of time to re-market our properties so we can find a new tenant before the existing tenant has vacated. It is rare for one of our managed properties to be vacant for longer than a week.



With our credit control team, we work proactively to ensure all tenants pay their rent on time each month. We will make regular visits to properties to collect rent arrears and to serve notices should the need arise. Our team is backed by an experienced legal team who ensure that Philip James has the lowest arrears record in Greater Manchester. The team will always make you aware of any payment issues so there are no nasty surprises when you open your statement each month.



We regularly inspect our managed properties to ensure tenants are looking after them and also to try and warn landlords of any potential issues or future costs that may arise. This enables landlords to plan ahead for any required works and also gives them peace of mind that their investment is in good hands. The inspections benefit tenants as well, as we ensure that the properties are being maintained properly by the landlord and arrange any necessary maintenance work. We pride ourselves on keeping our clients’ assets to a high standard and inspections are an integral part of achieving this.




Any rental property with a gas supply must have an annual safety check carried out to ensure the property and the appliances within are safe to use. This must be carried out by a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer and any problems found by the engineer must be rectified promptly by the landlord. Failure to do this can result in large fines or even imprisonment. As a landlord, you have a responsibility to ensure that the electrical system (sockets, switches etc) is safe and in good working order and that any appliances you supply are also safe to use. It is strongly recommended that you carry out a PAT (Portable Appliance Test) and also a periodic electrical wiring inspection - especially on older properties that may still have the original wiring.




If you are living overseas (or spend the majority of your time overseas) then you need to apply for approval to join the non-resident Landlord Scheme. Visit the HM Revenue & Customs website for information and any necessary forms - If you do not do this, we are legally obliged to deduct 20% from your rental income each month to pass to the Inland Revenue.



Any deposit paid by a tenant must be insured under a government approved scheme. This legislation was introduced in 2007 to put a stop to the many landlords that unreasonably held back tenants’ deposits and it enables tenants to use an independent adjudicator that they can easily go to should a landlord or agent be trying to deduct money from their deposit unfairly. The guidelines are quite strict and thorough evidence must be given in order to justify any disputed amounts so we therefore work closely with our tenants and landlords to ensure fairness. It is important to note that the age of any damaged items must be taken into consideration when deducting any money from a deposit as the full cost of replacing these items cannot be charged to the tenant; only a contribution can be taken. 



Our receptionist ensures no call goes unanswered and messages can be easily relayed should you not be able to speak to the member of staff you require. We also have staff that purely look after keys and utility bills.

Our high-tech key system uses barcodes and enables us to locate where each of our 3000+ sets of keys are at any time. The key administrator also liaises with building management companies to ensure we are kept up to date with door entry codes and fob programming. This avoids wasted property visits by contractors, staff and landlords due to access problems

Utility bills are all processed and tenant information passed on to the appropriate utility company which prevents landlord from being charged for costs for which they are not liable. We also prevent the supply from being disconnected if we are made aware of debt issues. Tenant deposits are not returned until they provide evidence that all utility and council tax bills are paid up to the date they vacated the property  



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Keep your property maintained to a high standard and you will reap the benefits. You will attract better tenants who will look after your investment and cost you less in maintenance in the long term. If you stay on top of maintenance works as and when they become apparent, it will spread the cost out rather than facing an unexpected expense at the end of a tenancy in order to get the property back to an acceptable standard again.



Many landlords are unaware of their responsibilities and liabilities and can often be shocked when asked to pay for required certificates, maintenance works, deposit insurance costs and so on. If you are unfamiliar with current requirements, legislation and responsibilities then do your research so you are fully aware of what you are getting into.



If you have a tenant who pays the rent on time each month, looks after your property and doesn’t cause any problems then you should do all you can to look after them and keep them happy in your property. This will more often than not result in a long term tenancy with minimal cost and concern.



We will always advise you on what you should do if certain issues arise. Please remember that we are on your side and it is always in our interest to ensure that tenancies at your properties run smoothly. 



Provide us and your tenants with all possible information that may be required (warranties, location of stop tap, instructions for boiler and appliances etc). This can prevent unnecessary call out charges or damage to your property and the contents therein.



If we report an issue to you then it is important to make a quick decision about what you want to do about it. Delays can cause issues to worsen and can aggravate your tenant which can lead to complaints and compensation requests. This could also cause your tenant to lose faith in you as a landlord and they may move out of the property after a short period of time.



It is important that you keep some money aside for any emergencies that may arise. For example if your boiler suddenly requires replacement, you are responsible for ensuring that this is done in a reasonable time to restore heating and hot water to the property for the tenant to use.



Do not rely purely on the rental income to cover your mortgage payments. If you do this, there may be times when your tenant is late paying the rent or if your property is empty for any period of time you could then fall behind on your payments. It is always advisable to have a back-up plan in the event that this ever becomes the case.