Revealed: The secrets behind the radical rebrand of Philip James


You’ll have noticed some significant changes to the Philip James brand over the last few months. In the spring of 2013 we put plans into place to relaunch Philip James and prepare it for an exciting decade to come. From corporate expansion to social media integration, here are the five reasons why we rebranded our company… 


1. Expansion

East Manchester is expanding and so is Philip James. Over the last few years we’ve opened new offices across East Manchester from Denton to Reddish and beyond. And our 2013 rebrand has giving us the opportunity to bring all our branches under one umbrella; one look, one style, one corporate brand. But it doesn’t stop here. Over the next few months we’ve got some exciting secret news that will prove the mettle of our rebrand and cement our place as Greater Manchester’s fastest-growing property company. Watch this space!


“I’m the latest addition to Philip James’s expansion in East Manchester. We launched the Denton branch in April 2012 and it’s been a fantastic year so far”

Franca Carbone, Manager, Philip James Denton




2. Synergy

As Philip James continues to expand it’s vital all staff members and branches learn to think and act as one, whilst retaining their own personality and identity. It’s a difficult balance to get right but it’s the first rule of a successful corporate company. This is why synergy is at the heart of the Philip James rebrand. Our staff are amongst the most-qualified people in the industry and our rebrand has given everyone a unique opportunity to work closely together and learn skills from each other. We may be Manchester’s most experienced agent but it’s no reason to sit on our laurels; every day we listen to our clients and investigate better ways of working so we continue to deliver a first-class service


“Our recent rebrand has really improved the way our offices work together; for the first time in our history we have synergy across the board, from student renters and first-time-buyers, to multi-million pound houses and corporate investors” 

Philip Nolan, CEO, Philip James




3. Clarity

When we decided to rebrand our company it was important that everything we produced was clean and crisp; from our new website to our property brochures and from our business cards to our online staff profiles. Our new glossy brochures are a great example of how well this works; all branches now use the latest digital professional cameras and the photographs look fantastic. We also take more time to write about the properties and the local areas too. Our new  black and white logo looks sharp and the subtle typefaces gives us a more professional appearance. If you’d like to check out one of our PDF brochures click here


“Our new corporate branding has worked wonders for our brochures; we think they beat our competitors hands down. With a clean, simple design and large bright photographs, buyers can see how good a property looks and sellers are delighted with the way we present their homes”
Mike Wilson, Director, Philip James Wilson




4. Communication

The internet is a fast-moving entity and to make sure Philip James keeps up with all the latest communication technology, our radical rebrand puts us at the very heart of the internet. Google users looking to buy or rent a property will find us right at the top of page one. This helps them find somewhere to live quickly and helps our vendors sell and rent efficiently. Our rebrand is also designed to put social media at the top of the agenda. LinkedIn enables our clients to speak directly with our Directors and helps us to work in an easier and more transparent way.


“Last summer when discussing ideas about our proposed rebrand; one thing kept on cropping up again and again… social media. A few of us already used it but not everyone in the company was on board yet. Our 2013 rebrand has given everyone the opportunity to utilise social media, particularly LinkedIn, and help us reach more and more clients”
Sally Ann Smith, Sales Director, Philip James




5. Design

Because we’ve concentrated on customer service and company expansion over the last 10 years, the way our offices looked haven taken a back seat. So our 2013 rebrand gives us the chance to get our house in order and refurbish our offices. Although corporate branding is essential it’s also important that each office retains some element of individuality and this is where are new rebrand excels. It gives each branch a basic template to work whilst allowing for a degree of flexibity; you’ll find slick contemporary design in our Deansgate office and a more traditonal look in our Heaton Moor office. But whichever branch you visit, you’ll always we welcomed with a big smile and a friendly handshake. It’s how we like to do business.


“Even though we have the most prominent location of any estate agent in Didsbury, it was still important for us to look good. So the Philip James rebrand gave us the opportunity to refresh our offices and bring them bang up to date. With fantastic back-lit window displays and contemporary furniture, Philip James Kennedy looks crisp and sharp. A bit like the way we work!”
Rob Kennedy, Director, Philip James Kennedy




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