Tips for Selling your home in Winter


Christmas is a busy time of year and many people might want to add a new home to their Christmas list. If you are thinking about selling your home during the winter months, there are a few factors you should consider. These will help to ensure your property looks just as attractive to buyers as it does in the summer. It’s a lot easier than you think and by doing these, you could grab the attention of a potential buyer!

Add the look of warmth

Candles, rugs, and throws on sofas can make a property look much more warm and inviting. This is far more appealing than a home being completely bare. If you give your home some character, it will improve the atmosphere for viewers and they can begin to picture themselves in that space, all warm and cosy!

Literally add warmth

Whether it’s a crackling fire or central heating, you want people to feel warm and comfortable. Once in the property, the rooms need to be a cosy contrast from the outside cold. A home should never look or feel chilly because the temperature can transform first impressions.

Make sure the lighting shows off each room

Who would ever want to live in a dark, dingy house? When all the lights are off, any house can certainly look dull during the winter months. If there is hardly any natural light, add some yourself with lamps or even spotlights. It will help brighten up a room and add more visual appeal.

Add style and festive spirit to the exterior

In the darker nights, you don’t want your home to look cold and spooky. Adding fairy lights to trees, windows and doors can be a wonderfully festive way to invite people in. Plus, it shows you’ve made the effort for every potential buyer. It’s all in the presentation.

Change the colour scheme

The best thing to do when you’re selling is to keep your colour scheme as simple as possible. This way, you can add colourful accessories that better suit the time of year. If you were to walk into a home with light blue walls in the winter, it might look a little frosty. If you have wooden floors and cream walls, you can experiment with all sorts of accessories. Not to mention, it’ll give the viewers an idea of how they can customise it themselves.

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