2016’s Most Popular Areas in Manchester


If you’re thinking about buying a home in 2016, Manchester is definitely the place to look.

It’s essential to look for a property that doesn’t just look great, but one that comes with a great community. Over the past couple of years, there have been some areas which have become the frontrunners for buyers. If an area becomes increasingly popular, it’s highly likely that the home’s value will increase. This makes these areas amazing as an investment if you want to either sell later on or rent out as a landlord.

Now you must be wondering which areas are going to be turning the most heads in 2016, so we won’t wait any longer to give you the details you need to help decide the right property for you.

Salford Quays


salford quays selling points


Home to the Lowry, the Salford Quays area has come a long in the past five years. Based next to the Manchester Ship Canal, the sun beaming off the water adds to its picturesque appeal, especially in the summer. Dotted around the area are beautiful apartments and flats that are modern and elegant. For many, the Lowry Shopping Centre, and restaurants are the selling point, since they are conveniently situated on your doorstep. With the Metrolinks taking you to and from the city centre within 20 minutes, it’s a great place for people who love the city but might not want to deal with the hustle and bustle. Not only that, but if you have a career within the digital or creative sector, Salford Quays could be the perfect place for you to purchase. The BBC and ITV packed its bags and moved many studios to MediaCity UK in Salford Quays between 2011-2013, creating exciting opportunities for professionals in the North West. If you’re someone who wants to be close to the city yet wants to live somewhere with an edge, this is the place for you.


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didsbury selling points


Whether you want to choose East or West Didsbury, the area as a whole is becoming one of the best places to live in Manchester. Full to the brim with cafes and restaurants, it’s an excellent place for people who want a cosy home yet a social lifestyle. There’s also a wide variety of properties appropriate for families and young professionals within this area. The houses feel like homes because they are commonly built with two to three bedrooms. In May 2013, the Manchester Deansgate to East Didsbury Metrolink line opened to the public. With an easy commute, it’s made the area a new option for professionals working in the city centre. If you’re someone who is a fan of the peaceful outdoors, Didsbury is well known for it’s beautiful 21 acre Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden, which makes afternoon walks with the family and your dog a cheap, enjoyable activity. After you explore Didsbury, you’ll notice that there are wonderfully unique independent shops and cafes. If you want a Friday night out around the area, the Parrs Wood Entertainment Centre is great for people of all ages. We think the variety is what makes Didsbury one of the most welcoming and lively places to move to.


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castlefield selling points


If you’re a fan of the inner city, Castlefield is the luxury area that you can’t miss out on. Surrounded by Deansgate and Spinningfields, it’s the ideal location for professionals who want a slice of the city action. It’s near enough impossible for you not to find a new favourite bar or restaurant here, and it makes all the difference knowing you don’t have to hop on public transport to get home afterwards. If you’re also a fan of gigs, there are a variety of music venues to visit a stone’s throw away from Castlefield. There is a brilliant area called Castlefield Bowl, and we’re sure it will be a huge selling point for any music lover. The location is a fantastic outdoor venue for the “Sound of the City” event which celebrates the city’s musical culture.  If you decide to visit properties within this area, you’ll be blown away by the modern architecture and creative use of space that makes it an easy choice for many. Coming back home after a day in the office will feel as if you’re staying at a plush hotel.


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