Questions You Need to Be Asking When Choosing an Agent


Deciding to put your property on the market is a massive decision. Whenever someone moves to a new home, it’s always new beginning to embark on. Regardless of whether you’re moving for new start, a relocation or anything else, it’s key that you choose the right estate agent. The difference between agents can alter your property’s selling price and how quickly it’s sold. Before you decide on a particular agent to begin the process, ask yourself these questions.

Have I read many reviews online?

It’s very important not to judge a book by it’s cover. An estate agent might look great but it’s their dedication to their customers that matters. Check online for current reviews they are receiving across a variety of websites. This way, you’ll be able to get a good impression of how hard they will work to sell your property.

Does the estate agent have presence online?

Great estate agents are the ones that will search to find you the best buyers. Good presence online can show that they are willing to build relationships. It always shows that they value their reputation and customers. It’s very important that your agent is knowledgeable in their field and will keep you up to date, hence why being online is so handy.

Do you know someone who has sold a property recently?

Did you know that word of mouth can be the most powerful forms of advertising out there? Many estate agents could woo you from the very start, only to be hopeless after contracts are signed. Have a chat with people who have recently sold a property and ask them about their experience that agent. These people will be honest and could give you some great tips.

Does the estate agent communicate well with their colleagues?

You might only have one contact to email, so what will happen if they are unavailable? If you need help or advice and they are not there, it’s a huge red flag if no one else knows about you. A good estate agent will discuss properties with each other and will work together to help you sell.

Do they specialise in the property you are selling?

Have a look what properties they sell regularly. You need to ensure that the potential buyers that enquire are looking for your property type. This way, yours will be viewed more often, which can lead to a quicker buying process.

Are they open on weekends?

Have a look at the type of buyers you want to sell to. If your property is a four bedroomed family home, the estate agency needs to be open on Saturday for when buyers are available to come by and visit. Opening hours can alter how many viewings you have and this should be always considered when choosing your agent.

Are they close to your property?

Why? This agent will know the area like the back of their hand, and the people visiting will most likely be looking in that area, too!

Are they straight forward with facts and figures?

When you are selling a property, you’ll want the process to be as quick and stress free as possible. If an agent tries to hold back a information, take it as a warning. It’s important that you know where you stand so you can plan your next step. It’s a good sign if they provide regular updates on price and viewings. An agent worth deciding on is one that wants to build a trusting relationship. If they are always keeping you in the loop, it means they’ll be honest with your about the selling process.

How would they would handle difficult situations?

In an ideal world, your property would sell the week it is put on the market. Unfortunately, it might take much longer. The question is: what would they do if yours wasn’t selling at all? If your property isn’t selling, make sure they aren’t the type that will sweep problems under the rug.

Have you received different price estimations?

It’s important that you shop around for different prices. This is a large move for you and shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you go with the first price, you could be missing out on a lot of money. The more you visit, the better. This way, you can get a realistic valuation as to how much your property will sell for. Remember, it’s your choice which agent you decide on so make sure you don’t feel pressured.

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