Property Inspections & Maintenance


Our Property Inspections & Maintenance Team are based in West Didsbury and are always on hand to help support the 2500 properties that they manage.

During the last year it was difficult to inspect all our properties in person due to ongoing pandemic. As such we contacted all our tenants and asked them to report any outstanding maintenance issues they had not reported. This ensured that to the best of our abilities no ongoing issues went unreported.

As the busy summer period comes to a close we will revert back to carrying out periodic inspections where possible. The mid-term inspection is a good indicator of how the tenants are treating your property. This allows us to identify any maintenance that has gone unreported and can be addressed before bigger issues arise.

A comprehensive photographic and written report is produced and issued to the landlord and an action plan is then agreed if needed. This helps us and the landlord be proactive to make sure the property is in good order which leads to longer term tenants and protecting the value of the property.


Top Tip: Preventing Damp and Condensation
We have been researching what problems have been reported to us most often and the number one is suspected damp.

Nine of every ten cases reported to us are in fact condensation. We have produced a short film that should help you to identify condensation and mould together with some helpful tips on how to prevent it:

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