Manchester’s property hot spots


Manchester had the coldest summer in nearly 20 years, but at least there’s some sunshine on the horizon. Property website Zoopla has launched ‘Heat Maps’ – a brilliant guide to the hottest-priced streets in your area. Do you live in a property hot spot or is your road chilly and cold? Four of Philip James experts analyse the data and reveal where the hotspots are in Manchester City Centre, Didsbury, The Heatons and Withington;




Rob Cuffe, Director, Philip James Manchester

“Manchester city centre has seen its popularity rise and rise over the last 15-years and within that time we have seen particular areas become as mature and established as some of the city’s oldest locations. Castlefield remains popular, as does the busy streets to the south of Oxford Road station. But the city centre’s hottest location by far is Deansgate. From Deansgate station in the south to Spinningfields in the east, this part of town is rapidly outperforming everything else. If you want to invest in Manchester, invest here”




Rob Kennedy, Director, Philip James Kennedy

“These heat maps of Didsbury show just how popular this area is – nearly the whole map is covered in red and orange! Didsbury is so hot right now that it’s impossible to find a cool area – in fact we challenge you to find somewhere in Didsbury where people DON’T want to live! The leafy streets to the south of Fog Lane are the hottest here, followed by the areas around Lapwing Lane, Dene Road and Pine Road.”




Mike Wilson, Director, Philip James Wilson

“This heat map provides a fairly accurate guide to where the more prestigious properties are located within the Heatons Areas, at a glance.  If you can take the time to visit our area you will see that the areas of highest price offer some of our larger more exclusive and unique properties. The blue, or lower priced areas appear where there is no housing or retail property. You can see from the variations in the colours on the map that the ‘Heatons’ areas offer something for everyone’s budget, ranging from a first time buyer purchase up to the magnificent individually designed properties.”




Neil Ryder, Manager, Philip James Students

“The heap map of Withington shows the two hottest areas to the east of Wilmslow Road and the wide tree-lined streets around Egerton and Brook Road – this is pretty accuarate. The area is traditionally popular with students, we have thousands of clients moving in at the beginning of each university term, but the large Victorian conversions are also attracting young professionals, people who have left university and love the area so much they don’t want to leave”

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