Former Manchester BBC site is set to have a £360m residential revamp


BBC North West’s main Oxford Road location in Manchester was famous for being the location for popular TV shows such as Life on Mars, Red Dwarf, Dragon’s Den and more..
After plans for its relocation to MediaCityUK in Salford Quays had been completed in 2011, the site was demolished shortly after in 2012.

Before – 2012



Since its demolishment, the site has been undergoing a clear out, making a large part of Oxford Road empty in comparison to the busy street location. When you look back at the previous BBC building, it appeared to have dated poorly since its completion in 1975. Now that the BBC North West is in Salford, it means this site can have an entirely new beginning.

After – 2016



Recent news has revealed that this site is going to receive a £360m update after being bought by Bruntwood. People who live and work in Manchester will be happy to know that the area will gain a new lease of life. One of the first significant developments listed is student accommodation, which will feature a surrounding of beautifully designed gardens, cycle paths, and walkways that will be opened by the new academic year in 2017.

Another addition to this site will be residential properties, perfect for inner city professionals who prefer the metropolitan lifestyle. Within this area, there will also be new buildings built primarily for events, which is predicted to create 2,000 new jobs in the future.

What it is going to look like as of October 2017



Eventually, the site will have a car park, science centres, and even a new hotel to complete the development plans. Overall, this new city space is predicted to boost Manchester’s economy and help continue its growth as one of the best cities in the UK.

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