Our Top Tips For Buying In Manchester City Centre


The property market in Manchester City Centre has never been stronger. Thanks to a combination of luxury penthouse apartments and trendy studio flats, properties in the city are selling at a record breaking speed. As a result, snapping up a city centre property for yourself can be an incredible challenge. Often, the apartment you have your eye on will be sold before you’ve even had chance to view it.

We are seeing prices in the city centre increase at a faster rate than London, with an 8.8 per cent rise each year on average. Thankfully, as our Managing Director Rob Cuffe explained in an interview with Manchester Evening News, there are ways to beat the system and get your hands on one of these much sought after properties.  

Befriend your local estate agents

At the start of your property hunt, register with Philip James so you can be notified as soon as new properties that fit your criteria have been added to the market. By popping into the branch in person, you can introduce yourself and build a rapport with our sales team. Meeting them face-to-face can be a great way of building a relationship and helping them to understand what you’re looking for.

Also be sure to sign up to property websites such as Rightmove and Zoopla for regular email updates.

Ensure your finances are strong

The most popular properties tend to be sold quickly to those with their finances in line. Without a healthy deposit, mortgage in principle and a strong credit rating, you may struggle to get your hands on the property you want.

Seeing an independent financial advisor can be a great way of getting organised before you spot your dream home. Here at Philip James we have our In house independent financial advisor who can help you every step of the way from the early mortgage application stage right through to completion on your property.

Find a solicitor early

Try to line a solicitor up as early into the process as possible. By instructing your solicitor before you put an offer in, you can often speed up the process and move into your new home at an earlier date.

Be open minded

It’s wise to be open-minded when it comes to location and features. Of course, there are likely to be certain aspects you’re unwilling to compromise, such as the number of bedrooms or whether there’s a car parking space. However, by being flexible and open to some compromises, you can make the home buying process that little bit easier.

Familiarise yourself with the city centre so that when a property crops up, whether it’s in Leftbank, Great Northern Tower or Castlefield, you instantly know whether it fits your criteria and can act fast to arrange a viewing.

For more top tips from our very own Rob Cuffe, take a look at his top ten hacks for buying in Manchester city centre featured in Manchester Evening News.

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