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Rob Kennedy introduces the Philip James Kennedy office in Didsbury, expert estate agents there for you whether you’re looking to rent or sell in Didsbury

The Didsbury property market has always been veiled in mystery with perfect homes being sold off market with the whole process being a potential minefield to navigate through to get the home you want.

We understand that our clients want the highest levels of service and direct communication from our sales team. A pre to the market phonecall informing clients of the best new properties coming to the market; luxury and bespoke marketing to showcase our properties and welcoming sales offices are just a few of the services our clients can rely on from us.

The team at Philip James Kennedy are experts in this sophisticated marketplace and after accounting for nearly 40 per cent of all properties sold in M20 during 2017, it is clear that we are best placed to identify and secure your perfect home.

This success is borne from the strength of our team across all departments. With no weak link in our chain and great chemistry our office is able to produce results beyond expectations. Real Madrid have the Galacticos; Manchester United had the Class of ‘92. Here are the real people that give Philip James Kennedy the edge.


dannyDanny is a fantastic motivator and an inspiring leader for the team.

“After working in Didsbury for 11 years, joining Philip James has been a great career move and fantastic fun. The team are particularly professional and skilled in their approach to selling, and are extremely organised to deliver the best service,” said Danny.

“I chair the daily morning meetings which can get quite lively but we will always make sure everyone is up-to-date and nothing has been missed. My favourite property at the moment is Grange Lane, currently on the market for £895,000. I love its history with it being part of the Manor House mansion buildings which used to stand where the ‘Shell’ garage now is, neighbouring Broome House.”



Anthony is one of the longestserving team members, starting work in Didsbury 18 years ago at the tender age of 17. Nicknamed ‘fast Tony’ in the office for his honest and no-nonsense approach. He advises many clients who aren’t even buying through Philip James on price and strategy.

“When Rob Kennedy first came to Didsbury in 1999, I was an apprentice working for one of the corporates and we have been a winning team ever since,” said Anthony.

“I enjoy being part of a successful team where I have the time and support to deliver for my client without being sidetracked. I understand what makes the Didsbury market tick and Philip James allow me to keep pushing and challenging myself to do more.”

“My favourite current property is the Alexander Court on Beaver Road as it’s the most highly priced property ever marketed in the village by a high street agent and it’s brought a lot of high calibre power buyers to us from the London market.”



Since starting as an apprentice at 17, Richard has established himself as one of the highest performing negotiators in the company. “After school I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but as soon as I walked into the front office of Philip James the atmosphere was buzzing with activity,” said Richard.

“The client expectation is massive so my approach to detail has to be meticulous – otherwise we will lose properties to sell or the client will buy elsewhere. “We all want to win and I hate mistakes but we relax with lots of team nights out courtesy of the very generous Philip James Kennedy entertainment fund.”

“My top property at the moment is Osborne Street, marketed at £415,000 which is a tall Victorian villa in the village. Adam found a picture of it from the 1890s which really captures the sense of history on those streets.”



Adam has been with the firm for 14 years and is in charge of all marketing and brochure content, with a deep vault of descriptive vocabulary and a weakness for expensive marketing gadgets; the latest being a drone camera.

“I love the value attached to property that Didsbury clients have so they really appreciate the lengths I go to produce the most lavish and polished brochures I can,” said Adam.

“I’m a perfectionist so to get the photos right I will move wheelie bins; drag out dog beds; move draining trays and tea towels and take the picture at certain times of the day so the front shots are sunny.

“Philip James provide only the best equipment for my role so I use the best architectural cameras, with wide-angled lens and specialist image software. I deliver the creative for billboards, websites and they are very supportive if I want to try different marketing ideas and put a ‘bet down’.

“My favourite property at the moment is ‘Belmont’ on Belfield Road which is a beautiful Edwardian detached mansion. It has a very rare double height bay window and has particularly attractive elevations.”



Deborah only recently joined the company in March this year to work with Rob Peake on sales progression. “Straight away I felt that I had stepped into a really proactive environment where the team are passionate about selling homes,” said Deborah.

“My previous role was with a large corporate agent and I can honestly say that our clients receive a much higher level of customer service, which is fantastic. I have far more time to get to know both our buyers and sellers and can keep everyone updated and advise correctly.

“Also, I’ve been told that the company ‘Christmas do’ is a weekend away in a mystery European city!

“My favourite property at the moment is Northen Grove at £799,950 as its interior is so cool and stylish.”



Elke is genuinely obsessed with bricks and mortar and is an absolute natural for selling properties.

“I’ve always worked in property from when I worked in London before coming to Philip James Kennedy,” said Elke.

“I love the fast-paced nature of my job and having the best homes to sell means that you get to see some amazing properties. This year I started a three-year building survey degree in Manchester and the company couldn’t have been more supportive. Hopefully they’ll open a survey department as well.

“My favourite property at the moment is Hesketh Avenue which is being marketed at £875,000. It’s early Victorian and as well as being beautiful to look at it’s really classy and stylish inside with all the features that buyers are looking for in the village.



Jorja originally worked front of house in a local restaurant so knew the area and the people of Didsbury really well before becoming our senior viewer five years ago.

“I had never thought about selling houses but I love meeting different clients and making viewing properties a really enjoyable experience,” said Jorja.

“I prepare all the details about the new properties as I always want to be able to answer any questions a buyer may have. I sometimes see the same clients at different properties so it’s really rewarding when I find the perfect property for them.

“My favourite property at the moment is Clothorn Road, which is being marketed at £1.1 m. It is a superior Edwardian build and was the property that the original builder and his family lived in before he constructed the rest of the properties on Clothorn Road. Its original garden stretched from Raynham Avenue down to Beaver Road, which would be some garden to find in the village!”



Robert joined the company straight from school at 17 when Philip James Kennedy first opened in 2003 and is an integral part of the sales progression department at the Didsbury village office.

“I have had the pleasure of seeing Philip James move from a small independent firm into the market leader with the West Didsbury office opening last year,” said Robert.

“I’ve tried to leave a couple of times but have always come back as it’s a great place to work. I started after school but I now specialise in progressing the sales from offer stage to completion which can be quite a journey.

“It’s when the offer gets accepted that my work begins. I’m proud we have one of the lowest fall through rates in the area and our clients really appreciate the support we give during what can be a stressful time.

“My favourite property at the moment is Hemingford on Spath Road, on the market for £799,950, which is a Victorian semi-detached. The property is beautifully positioned in the village and is at the start of the original driveway to the magnificent Fordbank mansion, which was demolished in the 1920’s to make way for the Dene Road semi-detached development.’



Josh joined this year as a trainee estate agent and has made a real impression in Didsbury, as he is bubbling with positive energy and enthusiasm.

“I’ve always been interested in property and when I was offered a trainee role at Didsbury out of over 20 hopefuls I couldn’t have been happier,” said Josh.

“You can tell the team I work with are really good at their jobs so I’ve learnt a lot already. “My favourite properties at the moment are specifically properties which other agents have failed to sell and whose owners have now instructed and trusted us to market.’



Simon stays late most nights and is the only member of the team that has to be told to take a holiday. He can often be seen working late behind the pink and blue window displays. He is a financial wizard and a popular one at that.

“I love helping my clients turn their property dreams into reality and to help my team to deliver the best outcomes for our clients,” said Simon.

“Many of my clients have become friends and my diary is kept busy from recommendations which is the ultimate compliment for any financial advisor.



Philippa like Danny worked previously for another agent in Didsbury, bringing all her local knowledge and expertise when she joined Phillip James Kennedy two years ago.

“I was fed up with not having any in-demand properties to sell when the opportunity came to work with Philip James in Didsbury,” said Philppa.

“I am very sales driven so the chance to be incentivised with no upper limit was really attractive to me. I love calling clients with rare properties that I know they are going to want and making a difficult situation clear and controlled.

“I started studying for a SAVA surveying degree this year which Philip James have fully supported, being flexible with time worked and giving me access to their surveying contacts and mentors.

“My favourite property is Old Broadway, being marketed at £895,000 which is an enormous Edwardian semi-detached with a host of original features. “

Built in 1897, Rob Kennedy has a map which shows Old Broadway in all its original finery with nothing but green fields all around.

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