Metrolink arrives in Chorlton … next stop Didsbury!


The long-awaited Metrolink extension opened in Chorlton last week, giving the residents of South Manchester a rapid 15-minute commute into central Manchester. Phase 1 of the South Manchester extension sees the Altrincham Metrolink line split at Trafford Bar and run in a south-easterly direction through Firswood, into central Chorlton before terminating at St. Werburgh’s Road.

But it’s the next phase of this Metrolink extension which will be the most exciting. In just two years time the second phase of the South Manchester extension will see the line continue eastwards along the northern edge of Southern Cemetery, underneath Princess Parkway and into Withington and Didsbury. But where exactly will the Didsbury stations be located? And which areas will they serve? We take a look at the five brand new Metrolink stations, from Withington to East Didsbury;



Located on the western side of Princess Parkway opposite St. Bernadette’s Church, the Withington station is located just north of Junction 5 on the M60, so it’s likely to be popular with residents outside of the M60, including Cheadle, Wythenshawe and north Cheshire. This is likely to result in a change of parking restrictions, in favour of local residents, although the station’s position adjacent to Southern Cemetery isn’t ideal for residents of Didsbury Point, who will have to cross the busy Princess Parkway to access the station. We’re hoping for the erection of a footbridge or a pedestrian crossing underneath Princess Parkway

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This will be one of the Metrolink’s busiest stops. Located on the junction of Burton and Central Road, just to the north of the famous Metropolitan pub, this station will serve the busy local shops on Burton Road and the Withington Hospital. If you’re a resident at Didsbury Point and don’t fancy crossing the busy Princess Parkway to reach the Withington station, this may be a better choice. It only adds a few minutes to your journey

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Located on the busy traffic junction of Palatine Road and Lapwing Lane, the West Didsbury Metrolink stop will serve the mainly residential streets to the west of Didsbury village. The surrounding roads with their large Victorian houses are amongst the most popular places to live in South Manchester, and the West Didsbury station will bring central Manchester within easy reach.

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The Didsbury Village Metrolink station will be built on the north side of Olive Shapley Avenue, with an added access route from School Lane. This stop will serve the whole of Didsbury Village, from Fog Lane in the north to Fletcher Moss Park in the south and is likely to be one of the busiest stations on the South Manchester line. Philip James’s offices on School Lane are a few hundred yards away, so you’ll be able to visit us by tram!

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The Metrolink will finish its current extension at East Didsbury before heading out to Stockport at a later date. With three station accesses at Kingsway, Parrs Wood Lane and Burnage Lane, this stop will be useful for residents of Heaton Mersey, which is a brisk 10-minute walk away. And if you live in Heaton Moor or Cheadle you can walk to the East Didsbury station in less than 20 minutes

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Didsbury is already one of Greater Manchester’s most popular places to live, and the new Metrolink extension will confirm it’s position as Manchester’s most exclusive location. Changes in local infastructure always add value to an area, so if you’re looking to buy a property in Didsbury, now is a great time. We have a wide selection of apartments and houses to rent, from luxury modern flats to detached Victorian villas. Give us a call today on (0161) 448 1234

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