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Are you a landlord that has a property with an unvented hot water storage system? If so, you’ll know they save space in the loft or compartment when compared to traditional systems and can supply large volumes of hot water on demand. One of the key benefits is that the hot water supply is delivered at mains pressure throughout the property.

However, due to the potential dangers associated with water stored in a sealed vessel under pressure and at high temperature, it is important to have the system serviced once a year. This will test the functionality of the safety valves that operate in the event of a fault and more importantly, prevent expensive bursts and other problems.

That’s why we’ve started a comprehensive service programme for landlords with this type of system. We’re committed to delivering a first-class service that brings you peace of mind and if you have an unvented boiler system in your property, this is one service you’ll be glad you didn’t take for granted.

Manufacturers and safety experts recommend that all unvented water heaters should be serviced once a year and a record kept close to the water tank.

Why is this important?

We have recently had first-hand experience of a burst cylinder and it has not been a good experience for the Landlord of the property where the burst occurred. The burst was discovered when we arrived at the property to carry out an inventory ready for the new tenant to move in the following day. The water from the cylinder had leaked into the hallway and then through into the other rooms in the property which resulted in damaged flooring, skirting boards, paintwork and some of the furniture. Needless to say, the tenant could not move in the following day and therefore the landlord lost out, not only on the damage caused but also on a good tenant. This property remained uninhabitable for around a month before we could re-market it to new tenants. This meant that the Landlord lost out on a month’s rent which was the last thing he needed after paying out for the necessary work to rectify the damage caused by the burst. Thankfully the burst didn’t cause any damage to the flats beneath his and nobody was injured either.

This Landlord did not have any insurance on his property and so all of the costs fell onto him to pay but even if he did have the insurance, they may not have paid out due to the cylinder not being serviced as per the manufacturers guidelines. The burst may have also been preventable if the cylinder had been serviced regularly which is why it is essential to carry out an annual service on any of these cylinders.

This is a relatively common occurrence which is why many block management companies write to property owners whereby the unvented cylinder system is in place as this causes them problems with damaged property, insurance claims etc.

coveredHow will your unvented system be serviced?

Servicing an unvented hot water storage system includes:

• Inspecting for signs of wear or damage

• Ensuring the correct manufacturers parts are fitted

• Testing the temperature and pressure relief valves

• Removing the line strainer and cleaning the filter

• Checking the pressure of the expansion vessel

• Setting the correct incoming water pressure

An annual service from Philip James includes valid insurance on any work we carry out and all repairs are completed by a trained professional. If you have an unvented system in your property and you’d like to know more then call Toby Eaton on 0161 448 1111and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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