Drive for properties in a thriving suburb


Neil Ryder was recently featured in a piece written by the South Manchester Reporter, read on to see what he had to say about the Didsbury lettings market.


Didsbury enjoys a prime location, nestled far enough from the city to be a suburb, but close enough to commute. With Wilmslow Road stretching straight into town offering easy access via bus, car or bike, and a quick A34 escape route to rurality heading off to the south, Didsbury is convenient, attractive and family-friendly.


It’s hardly huge yet this south Manchester suburb divides itself quite neatly into three parts: East Didsbury, West Didsbury and the Village. Its tree-lined roads, café culture and amenities have made Didsbury a well-known name. Despite the upturns and downturns of the past decade, the property market has not only remained buoyant when it comes to lettings; it has flourished. So much so, that for now, demand outstrips supply.


Neil Ryder, lettings manager at Philip James has seen a steady increase in the rental market over a number of years and feels it’s time to take action.


He said: “The lettings market in this area has been rising steadily and we now find ourselves at a point where it is becoming increasingly difficult to match demand.

“Of course this reflects in the price. More people looking for accommodation pushes up rents and so we are on a big drive to secure more properties.

“Our new business manager, Angie Christie, has 16 years’ lettings experience and is tasked with just that. She heads a team of over 35 at our Didsbury office concentrating solely on increasing our foothold in the south Manchester area. We have also invested heavily in marketing our services and are optimistic we will soon be equipped to deal with the oversupply of tenants.”


Neil continued, “We currently manage over £70m-worth of property in this area and have seen rent and rental yields increase significantly, particularly over the past year. Void periods on average are down to 11 days and we have noted the lowest arrears record in our history.

“Didsbury has always been a popular place, but the arrival of the Metrolink and a mass influx of young professionals with the move of the BBC to MediaCity:UK have contributed to an increased demand for good living, well situated for the city.


A spokesman for Greenbrook Properties Ltd, one of Philip James’ landlords agrees: “I have seen the rent on my house in Didsbury increase by 20% over the past two years and we have never had a void period.”


If you want to put your property on the market to rent, contact Angie Christie on 0161 448 3219 or

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