New Rail Link to Benefit Manchester


Last week the Ordsall Chord, an £85m rail link joining Piccadilly and Victoria stations was given the go ahead. Funding for the project was announced in 2011, but the Secretary of State for Transport gave the green light this week, with completion initially planned for 2017.

The new link near Liverpool Road, will not only join the two largest city stations, but will also provide a direct route to the airport from other northern cities; cutting out the necessary change at either Piccadilly or Oxford Road stations.

Rob Cuffe, director of Philip James Manchester is really pleased with the decision.

“It is a great step forward for Manchester City Centre; I think it will help to reduce traffic in the city which is always a good thing and it will open up residential opportunities for people who had maybe ruled out certain parts of the city centre due to transport reasons.”

“Manchester has always had a reputation for excellent public transport, so this will only add to the fantastic provisions already available.”

Other expected benefits will include reducing congestion on the regional motorways and many believe that the Northern Hub Project which includes the Ordsall Chord will lead to millions of pounds of regeneration which will further stimulate the local economy.


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