Why You Should Never Underestimate The Power Of Curb Appeal!


Curb appeal refers to the appearance and attractiveness of a property from the perspective of the street outside. The phrase originates from the US and continues to represent a global indicator of the initial appeal of a property, both commercial and domestic. A number of factors are taken into consideration in this respect; including the property’s age, condition and structural design.

For the majority of home buyers and property investors in the UK, curb appeal is a major deciding factor in their purchasing evaluations. First impressions are everything in real estate and the exterior of your property is of course the very first impression a potential buyer will receive. Even before booking any official viewings, home seekers will often visit various properties themselves for ‘drive-by viewings’ in order to eliminate any undesirable choices. So to make sure you don’t put people off your property, have a read of these reasons why you should never underestimate curb appeal!

First Impressions Mean Everything!

Curb appeal is a reflection of the owner’s care and attention to their property. A tidy garden, neat lawn and clean pathway all show attention to detail and that the owner takes pride in the property. This is a very good indication that the interior of the property is maintained just as well; which is extremely important when it comes to things like boiler maintenance and furniture care. We’re always told not to judge a book by its cover, but in this case it can be a very clear and precise indication of the interior of a property. So make sure your first impression is a good one!

Visual Appeal

A large proportion of home buyers will choose a property based largely, if not solely, on appearance. If you’re property looks unkempt and dirty, potential buyers may be put off, especially if the neighbourhood follows suit. Strategically highlighting your property’s best features can help hide or overshadow the less attractive features and draw interest from homebuyers. If your dwelling looks the same as the whole neighbourhood, it’ll have less curb appeal and therefore less chance of selling.

Requirement Number One: Security

Safety is an enormously important element of any property, whether it is commercial or domestic. A house that looks unsafe and able to be breached is not appealing in the slightest and will deter buyers from your property. This means more than locks and chains too, as lighting and garden furniture play a part in the impression making process. Properties that are poorly lit or those that have broken bits of castaway furniture outside do not create the greatest impression or a sense of security. The notion here is simple, if it looks rough and unsafe people will think that the area and the household is the same. Selling a property that immediately looks safe from the outside automatically quashes these concerns.

Monetary Value

One of the simplest methods of getting more value for your property is to make your property look more valuable. This sounds silly and obvious but it is still very true! A landscaped garden with a well manicured lawn will make the property seem more valuable and add value in the buyer’s mind. When it comes to price negotiation, the seller always has more bargaining power if the product is in mint condition. It doesn’t always have to be large scale upgrades either as little maintenance tasks, such as picking up litter, all make a positive impact. This can be the difference between a fair market price and a low offer.

Family Value

Just like security, longevity is also an important matter for many homebuyers; especially young couples. By longevity we mean the ability to stay in a property for a large number of years and raise a family. So people with children, or those thinking of starting a family, will definitely be taking note of curb appeal. The appearance of a home can instantly provide an idea of whether or not you are willing to raise a family there, even before you step inside! A clean, welcoming, secure and structurally solid property will definitely attract this side of the market.

Maintenance Requirements
If your property has a few missing roof tiles or a few cracked fence panels, not only will it affect the appearance it will also provide an indication that the building needs work. Uneven foundations, cracks in the plaster or a garden out of control are all things that will require work at some point later down the line. This may cause would-be buyers to negotiate a lower purchase price or they may even request you sort these issues out before the purchase is complete. Fixing these issues before advertising the property will eradicate these concerns.

Improve Your Curb Appeal!
There are hundreds of things you can do to improve the curb appeal of your property, from large scale restorations to cheap and cheerful solutions. No matter the initial expense, these improvements can make a massive impact on your eventual sales price and bottom line. The best advice you can get is from those that you know personally – ask them to come round and provide feedback on what they would keep and change with your property. If you are struggling to sell your property or need some advice on how to better access the market, contact our team today!

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