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This week, we spoke to the Stockport Times West and Stockport Express newspapers all about the rise of Reddish, its property market, and why we love the area! You can read the feature in full below.

As an integral town during the Industrial Revolution, Reddish gained as much as it gave to the increasingly urbanised Manchester city centre; a growing population in return for its three famous breweries, and a thriving workforce in return for its ever beautiful scenery. This was a town that represented a gateway to the city and the country at the same time, all in an age when it took the best part of a day to reach the other side of Manchester.

Fast-forward a century or so and the perspective on Reddish is essentially the same; people still see it as an affordable commuter base, right in the heart of a close community – and of course, those travel links have improved to make that happen. But what’s really changed in the past few years is the area around Reddish too. Nestled in as much period architecture as you’d expect to find in a National Trust site, it’s really thriving even with competition from Heaton Norris and Denton, making that community feel even more prevalent than before.

Bordering the Reddish Vale Country Park and the popular Heatons areas, Reddish has plenty to offer fans of country walks, rambles and dog walking– and of course, lovers of fine dining in Heaton Moor. Just two of the newest examples of this are the brand new tapas and gin joint La Cantina and the popular wine bar Tusk. It’s innovation like this that has kept Reddish as relevant and popular as it’s always been with local workers, professionals, nature-lovers, and Manchester commuters.

Naturally, this has had, and will continue to have a positive impact on house prices in Reddish and South Reddish. With so much going on in and around Reddish, we’ve seen a distinct rise of properties selling for £200,000 or more in the area. There’s a lot of prestigious property around these parts, and the hamlet of South Reddish has some real gems which can be picked up for a fraction of the price of a Heatons residence. Adding dozens of local independent businesses and attractions – like Reddish Vale Farm, Reddish’s Pad Thai restaurant (which has won Tripadvisor Certificates of Excellence 3 years running), and Debdale’s Outdoor Centre just a short drive away – means that Reddish has almost an embarrassment of riches right on its doorstep.

It’s not just a great place for weekend pursuits either. During the week, Reddish has great access to the M60 and excellent links to Manchester city centre, Stockport and beyond. With good educational facilities like St Joseph’s Primary and Reddish Vale High School (and Technology college), there’s plenty more going for it Monday to Friday as well.

More than anyone, we understand that a good investment on a property needs to feel like exactly that – a good investment. It’s important to get a feel for the local area, the accessibility to other parts of Manchester, and in short, what you’re getting for your money. Thankfully, we have that repository of local information on hand, and a fountain of knowledge on Reddish property. For those who are curious, his name’s James, and he heads up a personal agent service in the Reddish area.

philip james reddish sales

Thanks to James and his team, Philip James have sold 40% of the £200,000 plus properties in Reddish during 2016 – more than the 2nd and 3rd agents combined. These have only come to fruition because of the teams dedication and their unique approach to our customers, combining studio-quality photos with a bricks-and-mortar knowledge of the area.

Of course, each customer wants something different from their property sale, which is where James’ bespoke service comes to the fore. The method always involves James meeting all customers initially on valuation, running though their specific needs and motivations for each particular client, and then conducting viewings armed with all the specific information needed to show the property to its maximum potential.

As experts in the Reddish market, James and the team are just a branch visit or a phone call away, both in and out of office normal hours.

So if you’ve seen a Philip James property in Reddish that has caught your eye, talk to James or a member of the team. He’s happy to answer questions and discuss the property directly with you – because, to make that all important investment, you’ll need the all-important property sales team to help you along the way.

Call James direct –
0161 431 5556 or 07950 266345


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