Philip James announces the sale of Didsbury’s most expensive estate


In a potentially uneasy property market, Philip James Kennedy assures any potential buyers or sellers that the property market in the Didsbury area stays strong going into 2017.

The Didsbury property market in 2017 is a hot topic right now as buyers and sellers decide whether to make a move or not.

Investors are weighing up plots of land and small apartment developments, while local residents are pondering over whether to swell their pension pots with a village Victorian terrace purchased on a ‘buy to let’. Rob Kennedy said: “I’m pleased to say that the Didsbury team at Philip James Kennedy have been inundated with enquiries from clients wanting accurate and clear advice on the property market; local prices and availability so they can make an informed decision on all property related matters.”

High performing area

Despite the future surrounding Brexit and unwelcome government interventions in rental legislation, the property market in Didsbury and West Didsbury has out-performed all surrounding areas, delivering price increases of 10 percent in 2016 for Didsbury residents on their principal homes and local ‘buy to let’ investments.With the ultra–low interest rates, there are record numbers of buyers wanting to move up the Didsbury property ladder who have registered over the Christmas period.

Clients selling two- and three-bedroom homes are achieving sales very quickly, at which point they switch from sellers to Didsbury buyers, creating enormous demand for exclusive homes which is almost self-perpetuating.

Exclusive homes

didsbury exclusives

In 2016, Philip James Kennedy sold 47 percent of all prestigious homes priced between £500,000 and £2 million (Rightmove intel), with Rob Kennedy confident they will be the agent selling the majority of exclusive homes this year.

We are the most popular agent for expensive homes due to our reputation for achieving the highest prices for our clients’ homes.

We can advise clients correctly due to our first-hand experience of selling other comparable homes, unlike other agents who rely on checking previous prices on property portals which only offer a price achieved.

There is no information on how many buyers bidded; what were the most important selling features; what price per square foot was achieved; did the property ‘value up’ with the mortgage company at the agreed price and how quickly did the sale proceed to completion.”

New additions


This year Philip James Kennedy have strengthened their management team with Danny Kyles joining the Didsbury office, arriving with ten year’s experience previously working for another Didsbury based estate agent; a third, full-time viewing consultant Philippa who will be working alongside Jorja and Elke. They will be providing more weekend and evening availability for clients than any other local agent, as that is when 80 percent of viewings happen.

As part of their bespoke service, Philip James first arrange a meeting between all the clients selling and the member of the team who will show the property. Here all selling features will be discussed and any potential questions buyers might ask are confirmed. Questions could be: who are the neighbours; where is the boiler; when was the extension completed and whether the loft is large enough for a conversion.

They pride themselves on showing clients’ homes in the most professional and informed manner, which has led to fantastic feedback with some buyers preferring to view properties only through Philip James Kennedy.

The new West Didsbury office has had record levels of sales as more proud West Didsbury residents support the only estate agent to open on Burton Road. While other agents assume Didsbury village as the preferred location.

They are offering a bespoke service tailored for clients who want to buy and sell specifically in West Didsbury. This has increased their database of active buyers enormously with a team who are genuinely passionate about West Didsbury and are experts in the local property market. It has proved particularly popular with clients considering selling locally as it’s a genuine advantage over agents solely based in Didsbury as opposed to Philip James having an office in both villages.

If you are considering selling in 2017 please call the team on 0161 448 1234 or email

Philip James Kennedy markets the most expensive Didsbury residence


At the moment, Rob Kennedy is preparing for the sale of the most expensive residential estate ever sold by a local agent in Didsbury. The magnificent Victorian residence has around an acre of land and has a detached coach house. The property is bound to generate enormous interest so we will be contacting our clients in the coming days for viewing.

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