Renovating a house to sell? Here are simple tips you should follow


If you’re selling your home, renovation is often an essential part in the selling process. It can be difficult to view a property objectively, especially if it’s one you’ve lived in for years. A space that has your name written all over it might not be the dream home for a potential buyer just yet. It’s remarkable how simple renovations can make a difference to a home. These tips might be the ticket to successfully selling your property.

Take advantage of the Winter.

Autumn is a time many of us begin to think about putting plans in place for the New Year. A new home might be at the top of the list for many, which is why you need to prepare your property to sell this Winter.  Why not take time before Christmas to update your property. Small changes such as painting a feature wall a warm, rich colour could do the trick. Decorating rooms with Christmas themed accessories could put a charming vision in someone’s head. When a potential buyer arrives for a viewing, the house must be a cosy contrast from the outside cold. A few scented candles, lights and warm throws on sofas will give it the inviting look it needs.

Convert an empty space.

A loft conversion can add an extra bedroom onto your property and boost its value. Instead of leaving a large space to gather dust, give them more for their money. Visitors will be much more attracted to a home that provides enough space for a bedroom or even a home office. Showing that your property has yet another benefit is an excellent way to finally take it off the market.

Tempt potential buyers with planning permissions.

Now is the time to try and get any planning permissions sorted for a house extension. This might not be in your budget, but if you prove that this is a real potential, it could score you points. Once buyers know they have the freedom to begin building immediately, the more likely they are to purchase. Gaining planning permissions can be a lengthy process so take this task off their hands to begin with. This will show you’ve really kept them in mind plus, it will increase your property’s value.

Update your colour scheme.

For a quick and easy improvement, a change of colour scheme might be the change that could sell your property. Loud patterns and a clash of bright colours might scare people off from your property. The last thing people w

ant is a property that looks like it requires a bigger change than it actually does. Strike the right balance by keeping it simple. One featured colour per room is all you need. Later on, you can add colourful accessories that add a stylish touch. If a buyer sees they can add their own twist with ease, it’ll make the thought of living there much easier to imagine.


Do your very best to renovate the kitchen and bathroom.

The kitchen and bathroom are the rooms in a property that require the most attention. New buyers will want a property that they can move into straight away. They don’t want to fret about making huge changes to old-fashioned fittings. Change dated worktops or even replace appliances. This way, they’ll know that accommodating even more money after purchasing isn’t necessary.

Take care of the exterior.

One of the first things that will grab someone’s attention is a front garden. Make sure you hire a gardener (or get stuck in yourself!) to take care of any unsightly weeds and plants that can ruin its presentation. If a front garden is unkempt, the potential buyers will only assume you don’t take much care of the interior either. Don’t make them question your property before they even take a step inside. Potential owners shouldn’t have to spend their money tidying up a front garden. Create a tranquil exterior by planting flowers and keeping hedges neat. This way, your house also offers some level of privacy too.

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