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In November 2021 we launched the Investors Club, and we have a dedicated team of property specialists that are helping investors purchase buy to let properties before they come to market.

Over this time we’ve learnt that people don’t always realise they are property investors, so we wanted to share some frequency asked questions that Neil has had in the past few months.

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Do I need to be a full-time landlord or have a property portfolio in order to be an investor?
Anyone with a Buy-to-Let property is classed as an investor. Whether you have a portfolio of 20 properties, or just one!

Is it something I can use for everyday savings, like a retirement fund or helping my children go to university?
Yes, you can have just one buy-to-let investment and use that towards your retirement or your children’s future. Any investment property you have, we can manage for you.

What kind of properties can I invest in?
Philip James have all types of properties available, it really depends on your budget and what you are looking for, such as high rental return or large capital growth. We will find you a property to meet you needs! Whether you are interested in new build or more established apartments in Manchester City Centre, or properties in the suburbs which include large 4/5 bed houses, or smaller 2 bed terraces which are very popular with our investors. If you want a project, we have properties which need full refurbishment. We also have tenanted properties, so you can start earning rental income immediately.

How can I get the edge over other buyers? 
Join the Philip James Investors Club, it’s free!
The benefit of the Investors Club is that you get to view properties before they go on the market, offer on them and potentially buy them before anyone else. If you’re not in the club, then you are looking at properties when they come on Rightmove when every other Buy to Let investor is looking and bidding against them.

Why should I buy in Manchester? 
Manchester is the coolest City in the UK, it’s got a diverse culture, incredible people and communities, great schools and universities, the best music, football teams, nightlife and so much more! As a place to buy property, it’s popular due to being such value for money when compared to the south and other cities in the north.

What next…
If you want to have a chat to Neil about the Property Investments, give him a call on 0161 434 5009 or email:
He’s always happy to talk to people about buy to let properties, and how he can source off-market properties that meet your needs.

If you want to look at what on-market properties are available, then please use our website property search.

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