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Finding a property can be hard work. You might visit different types of properties, only to realise that they just don’t cater to what you need. It’s very important that your new home reflects your lifestyle. This will actually affect how easy it is for you to settle into your new surroundings. Firstly, you will need to think about the amount of space you want and which area you would prefer to to live in. Once you have a criteria, the easier it will be to filter down suitable properties. There are many factors that will change whether a property is the right one for you and most of the time, it can be down to the type of lifestyle you have.

Have a look at these five different lifestyles and which house we believe is the best match for each of them.

The City Professional

the city professional

Location: City Centre

If you are a busy professional who works in the city, this modern Urban Splash apartment will be right up your street. With a brilliant amount of space, you can make this place your relaxing home. This easy to manage apartment will take away most of the upkeep that comes with houses. Do you enjoy winding down after a hard day’s work? On the fifth floor with the full length balcony, you can watch the stunning city centre view as the sun sets.

Located in Castlefield, this is a very popular location for other city professionals. This apartment is less than ten minutes away from Deansgate which is full of bars and restaurants. This property is an absolute steal at £125,000, especially for a first time buyer who wants to also save money on transport costs. Getting up early for a morning commute will be long gone after you move in and you can fully start enjoying the perks of living in the city centre.

Does this sound like the right property for you? Get in touch with our Deansgate branch on 0161 828 8200 if you would like to arrange a viewing.

The Chilled Out Creative

the chilled out creative

Location: City Centre

If you want a home that has more personality, this one bedroom apartment in Manchester’s St Gardens Square will be ideal. This is only a short walk away from Spinningfields which is an excellent location. It also has front gardens, which does bring a touch of nature back to city living. If you would like an open plan apartment that is easy to customise, this place will be hard to beat. Kitted out with light wood furniture, the modern rooms will suit any stylish adult. We think this will suit someone who doesn’t want a traditional city centre flat. Easy to upkeep and with the perfect amount of space, it’ll be tempting enough to buy straight away.

Does this beautiful apartment tick all of the boxes? Give our Deansgate branch a call on 0161 828 8200 to have a chat and arrange a viewing.

The Outdoor Adventurer

the outdoor adventurer

Location: Bredbury, Stockport

If you are someone who wants a bit of peace and quiet, the city centre locations might not be your ideal location. Here is an absolutely gorgeous four bedroom townhouse located in Bredbury that is also only a train from the centre of Manchester. With a country park and golf clubs close by, this will suit someone who loves mid week activities or regular walks with pets. At an incredible price of £199,950 for a property this large, it is an unmissable deal. This townhouse also has a garage, which is a great way to store any vehicles or equipment you might use for outdoor activities. There are so many amazing attributes to this property that you must see it for yourself.

To find out more, call us on 0161 431 5556 we could arrange a viewing.

The Upbeat Couple

the upbeat couple

Location: Stockport

We absolutely love this two bedroom apartment in Heaton Chapel and it’s perfect for a young couple who are first time buyers. Within walking distance from a train station, it will be extremely easy for you to get into the city centre for work. This apartment has an open plan dining and living room that gets a lot of sunlight. The kitchen is a perfect size for two young people who want something a little easier to manage. With available parking, it’s brilliant if you ever decide to buy a car. We must say that the spare room is an ideal size for a nursery if you and your partner ever decide to become parents. For only £180,000 this apartment is a wonderful choice for a comfortable home and could be perfect for years to come.

To view this property and to find out more, call our Heaton Moor branch on 0161 431 556 and we could arrange a viewing.

The Happy Family

the happy family

Location: West Didsbury

If you are looking for a property big enough for your kids to run around in, this is going to be the perfect house for you. This large semi detached located in West Didsbury has four double bedrooms, four en suites and a huge garden, ideal for a big family. Even when your children are growing up, this property will allow them to have their own private bathrooms. With off road parking, you will have plenty of room for your family cars used often for weekend trips away. All rooms are spacious and modern which means you don’t have to renovate whatsoever. It’s easy to fall in love with this place. If you’re looking for the perfect family home, this is it.

Can you see yourself living here? If you are interested, give our Didsbury branch a call on 0161 448 1234 and we will happily arrange a viewing for this special property.

If you would like to see our other properties available, use our online property search and you could find your perfect home.

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