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Navigating the property rental market as a landlord can sometimes feel like a daunting task. Ensuring your property remains in prime condition while avoiding inflated maintenance costs and time-consuming repairs can seem nearly impossible. If you’ve found yourself questioning whether your current property maintenance company truly has your best interests at heart, it may be time to consider a shift. Enter Phillip James Property Management.

Manchester’s property has outpaced UK growth forecasts for a number of years and is rapidly becoming one of Europe’s prominent economic and cultural hubs. As always, our top investment properties are based in fashionable locations with excellent transport routes, appealing to a wide array of tenants.

Our credit control team work hard to ensure all tenants pay their rent in full and on time. Maintaining clear communication for both landlords and tenants has meant that they have consistently kept the arrears across our managed portfolio below 1%. Rose Lucocq, our Senior Credit Controller is fully aware that arrears are a real […]

Tenant demand in the private rental sector remains sky-high in many areas, and the current climate suggests it won’t be abating any time soon. Almost two thirds (62%) of buy-to-let landlords say they have seen an increase in tenant demand for their rental properties over the past 12 months, according to a survey released by bridging loan […]

With city living becoming more popular and the price of rentals increasing, tenants expect high-quality finishes. This is something that one of our landlords has embraced. As a client for over 15 years, we offered advice on how to maximise rental income from investment properties and the landlord subsequently renovated this two bedroom apartment with […]

As demand in the rental market continues to push up prices, landlords could see yields climb more quickly than the capital growth of their properties. Tenants in the UK are now paying more than ever to rent a property, with many listings seeing competition between multiple tenants amid a shortage of homes. Between August and […]

With a looming energy crisis, an economy that has struggled to kick start post-COVID, and a mini-budget that has shocked the markets, the predicted uncertainty facing tenants and landlords is coming to light. An estimated 700,000 people are currently in rent arrears, and this figure will only increase with the cost of living. As estate agents, […]

Landlords are reaping the greatest rewards from rental yields in the north west, while the market still remains more affordable for tenants than elsewhere in the country. New research has revealed the areas in the country where landlords can expect to achieve the highest rental yields, with the north west clearly dominating the leaderboard. The report […]