Does a loft conversion really increase your homes value?


Many lofts in properties are gathering dust, full of old clothes and christmas decorations. Whenever you have to bring something down, you will probably come across dust and a few creepy crawlies. Lofts are commonly used as extra storage space, but you could be living below a hidden gem. Converting a loft isn’t an original idea, however, many people tend to forget that it can increase a property’s value.

Conversions can actually increase your home’s value by 10-20%, which is why sellers need to take note. Here we’re going to talk about loft conversions and the different types you could consider.

How can you tell if your loft is going to add value?


Has your planning permission be given the go-ahead?

This might sounds a little odd. You still have to ask permission to convert a loft in your property before you start planning. If you do get permission, you’ll have to find yourself a specialist in loft conversions to get the job done.

Have a look at the type of property you own.

The structures and materials of a property can vary, which means you have to take a look at whether yours is suitable for a loft conversion. Make sure you hire someone to have a look at your loft to see whether or not it’s going to be worth while.

 Can you stand up in your loft?

 You might have beautiful interior design ideas for your loft. But if someone can’t stand up, it won’t pass the planning regulations. Let’s be frank. No one can be comfortable spending time in a room that they can’t move around in with ease. It’ll end up being used as storage, which defeats the purpose of a conversion.

Do you have room for a staircase?

If you’re converting your loft, how on earth are you going to get up there without any stairs? Spiral staircases are great because they use very little space and look modern. But if you have little to no room as it is, it’s going to be very unrealistic to ask someone to use a ladder every day.

Types of loft conversions

 Guest bedroom

 loft bedroom


If you are looking to sell your property, a bedroom conversion will be a huge advantage. At the same time as adding value, it’ll appeal to visitors because there’s a huge space to customise. If a single person is buying, this extra bedroom could allow them to rent to another tenant. If someone knows they could earn money off an extra room, the more likely they will be interested in a property.


 loft bathroom

Many people might choose walk-in showers instead of baths because they are cheaper and easier to maintain.  However, they aren’t exactly suitable for everybody, particularly families with young children, and bath lovers! If you can offer an alternative bathroom with a tub, it means they can have the best of both worlds.


 loft office


If someone is often working from home, they’ll know how difficult it can be to get a bit of peace and quiet in a family environment. If there is already a spacious office in the property, they know they can always escape to finish extra work.

 Child’s or Teenager’s Room

 loft childs room

If there is a property that doesn’t have many rooms, it could mean two children need to share a bedroom. We all know as these children get older, they’ll want their independence. It’ll be a relief to a new buyer knowing there is an alternative children’s room in the loft. This means when the child is in their teenage years, they can have much more privacy.

Whatever you want to do with your loft space, once you have a blank canvas, you can start exploring ideas. Consider what type of buyer you want to appeal to and which room would be best. If you live in a city without any schools close by, you could do something a little more sophisticated. If you have a property in the outskirts, a loft conversion could really give a family much needed space. It’s entirely up to you which one you go for, but all of these examples are brilliant ways to increase value before you sell.

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