Information for Landlords on Salford Selective Licensing


Licensing Scheme Introduced in Salford to improve standard across the rental sector

In 2020, Salford City Council proposed the introduction of an additional licensing scheme for 3 and 4 person Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) across the city of Salford, to run alongside the existing mandatory scheme, which included HMOs of 5 or more persons, and also any selective license designations. The Council introduced this scheme in order to improve standards across the whole rental sector in the city, believing that a large proportion of landlords were managing their properties ineffectively, and that licensing would make it more difficult for ‘bad landlords’ to operate.

Philip James have been letting and managing properties in Manchester and Salford for over 25 years, and have adapted through all the changes in housing legislation. We work closely with councils in all the boroughs, so we knew what to expect.

When the proposals were approved and took effect in summer 2021, we wrote to all our landlords with properties in Salford to prepare them for the new regulations. The fact our landlords use the Philip James management service shows already that they are conscientious about their properties and tenants.  Our landlords certainly haven’t been responsible for the poor conditions that this scheme has been put in place to address, but will need to comply with the new rules.

One of our most experienced property managers, Laura Nekooie is responsible for overseeing this project for Philip James landlords. Laura has collated all the relevant certificates and documentation, instructed extensive works so that properties comply with the criteria, and completed the complicated application process for thirty of our properties in Salford, with six still to go.

Salford City Council may decide to establish more schemes in future – and the same goes for Manchester and the other local councils. Philip James is well-prepared for this and will keep all our managed landlords abreast of any changes in the laws and regulations which govern our sector.

More information about the scheme can be found here: Additional HMO Licensing • Salford City Council

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